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8228 State Route 163, Millstadt, Illinois

Spring Haven Stables offers Full-Care, Self-Care and Pasture boarding options. We feed our horses twice daily, utilizing our own custom grain mix and 50/50 hay. Optional hay choices are grass and alfalfa. We use only the highest quality feed and hay to encourage optimal performance and health. Moreover, we test our hay annually and adjust our grain mix to assure optimal nutritional balance. We also water the horses a minimum of twice daily, while cleaning buckets at a minimum of twice per week. We closely monitor daily water consumption of each horse. If at any time, the horses' normal water consumption is significantly different, we quickly begin to monitor the horse for possible illness.

Our stalls are large 12 x 12 with floors made of "Soft Stall" mats, which are soft, comfortable and easy on the horses’ legs and joints. These mats are non-porous, so we only require a small amount of shavings absorb urine, however we bed to provide optimal comfort. We always remove manure and urine from the stalls daily. We use premium, kiln dried pine shavings, which provide a low dust atmosphere and allow for good air quality in the barn. Each stall has a gossip gate door and solid dividers, allowing horses to socialize safely while providing privacy in their stall.

We believe the horses thrive on maximum turnout time so the horses are turned out to pasture daily, weather permitting. We provide 50/50 round bales year-around in our pastures. Special arrangements can be made for individual turn-out on an as needed basis.

Optional services are available, including fans, heated buckets, blanketing, individualized feeding programs, and trailer parking, as well as coordination of farrier, vet and worming, along with selected medical treatment support.

To learn more about our boarding process and available stalls, contact us today.

Full Board: $375/month
Includes 2 feedings per day of grain and hay, 7 day turnout weather permitting, 7 days stall cleaning

Self Care: $170/month
Includes stall, shavings and full access to all facility amenities. Owner provides all care and feed.

Pasture Boarding: $200/month
Includes water, shelter and round bales

Foaling Board: $500/month
Includes 12'x22' stall. Includes mare and foal care, private turnout for mares and foals and all services offered
in Full Board.

Fans and Heated water buckets: There is a $10/month fee for fan or heated bucket use. Boarders provide
their own fans and buckets.